Check out the new English language trailer for The Little Prince


Oh man, The Little Prince is one of my absolute favorite books, so when I heard they were making a new animated film version, my attention went up. The first trailer, while entirely in French, gave an impressive look at the blending of different animation styles, including one that looks a lot like paper-based stop motion.

Earlier this week, we got our first look at what the movie will look – or more rather, sound like in English. So for those of you who can’t speak French, like me, this was the first trailer that gave a better idea of what the film will be about and what kind of tone it will take.

It looks like a family-comedy about a girl learning to grow up under the guide of a control-freak mom and a wise old aviator who shares the story of The Little Prince as a framing device. I’m all about stories that encourage kids to question the world and be their own weird selves, which is definitely something the source material what great at emphasizing.

Plus we actually get to see a short list of some of the cast of the English version, including Beau Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, and Albert Brooks. With the director of Kung Fu Panda, Mark Osborne, directing The Little Prince as well, this actually is looking like it could be a strong animated outing.

The film is set to release in France this July, but no US release date has been announced yet.