Check out the trailer for Fox and Marvel’s Legion TV series


With the X-Men series doing so well in theaters, Fox has been wanting to do a television series for quite a while. But since Marvel holds the rights to X-Men TV shows, any new project had to wait until the two companies could work together. Eventually the two companies found a common ground, and the joint effort resulted in Legion

Legion stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, a guy who believes he’s mentally ill when he starts experiencing strange things going on around him. But if he shares any characteristics with the Legion in the comics, Haller may secretly be the most powerful mutant alive. So he’d be much stronger than characters like David Fassbender’s Magneto or James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier. The TV series is set in a world parallel from the film universe, so don’t expect any crossovers. But with talent like Stevens (and Aubrey Plaza), I’m sure it’s going to be a great show free from X-Men‘s constraints. 

Legion premieres on FX early next year.  

Legion | Official Trailer #1 | FX