Check out the trailer for Guardians, a Russian Avengers-style superhero epic


In the future, all movies will be superhero movies and all restaurants will be Taco Bell. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

While the United States has flooded the market with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fledgling DC Cinematic Universe, a new superhero movie from Russia has entered the fray and it is called Guardians (Zaschitniki). It doesn’t have a Hulk, but rather a beefy, bear-faced gentleman with a mini-gun.

You are now curious and must watch the trailer below.

GUARDIANS Official Domestic Trailer (2017) Russian Superhero Movie HD

Pictured above in the video still from left to right: Sebastien Sisak as Ler (Landman), Anton Pampushniy as Ursus (Wildman), Alina Lanina as Xenia (Waterwoman), and Sanzhar Madiev as Khan (Windman). This is not to be confused with a failed Damien Sandow gimmick, Smokey the Bear on roids, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas after six months of Krav Maga class, and Mark Dacascos cosplaying as The Winter Soldier.

Emma Stefansky of Screen Crush points out that each of the heroes represent the different nationalities of Russia. In related news, those bear-headed dudes in Russia will probably f**k you up something fierce.

Guardians will hit Russian theaters on February 23, 2017. No word yet on international release plans.

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