Check out these alternate alien concept art designs for Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival


We haven’t reviewed or written anything on Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival on this site, though that definitely needs to change. Arrival is one of the best movies of 2016, and may be the science fiction film that best embodies the hopes and fears of this tenuous time in the world. Adapted from a Ted Chiang short story, Arrival takes a poignant, philosophical approach to issues of communication, global politics, fear, grief, interconnectedness, and fate. It’s anchored to Amy Adams’ excellent performance as a linguist making first contact and trying to learn the language of our visitors.

The aliens in the film have a familiar but otherworldly feel to them, evoking certain shapes and lifeforms we know on Earth. Designed by Peter Konig, the artist shared concept art of the creatures and their spacecraft with Cinema Blend. If you’ve seen the film, some of these other aliens may seem familiar.

We have just two alternate aliens in the gallery. Check out Cinema Blend to view more Arrival concept art and to read Konig’s insights into the process.

To view more of Konig’s work (which reminds me a little of Wayne Barlowe), visit his Art Station web gallery.

[Cinema Blend via The AV Club]

Hubert Vigilla
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