Check out these awesome hand drawn Indian movie posters


There’s nothing like the universal language of art to promote films across cultures. Or at least I think that’s what’s going on here. These awesome posters are hand drawn in a matter of hours by the Indian artist Ramachandraiah and get posted all over his city to advertise showings at the local theaters. The general population may be none to pleased with this, but those with an eye for the magnificent can clearly see the man creates amazing works of art. You can check out a few of the posters down in the gallery, but there’s even more to be found at Asia Obscura.

I love that Spider-Man poster! He calls the film Spider-Man part 4, completing revoking its reboot status, and it features Rhino from the video game instead of the film’s actual villain, The Lizard. Genius.

[Asia Obscura via Badass Digest]