Check out these beautiful Turkish posters for The Master


If you haven’t seen The Master, you’ve missed one of the most incredible films of the year. And if you have seen The Master, you’ll especially appreciate these overseas posters for Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic film. The posters are from Turkey, and no word on whether they’ll ever be for sale or not, but man, I sure hope so because these are beautiful.

The posters are arranged in a design reminiscent of a Rorschach test with the faces of two of the main characters (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams) in a mirrored, double-image and Joaquin Phoenix is being pointed out by The Master in a singular form. Any poster that can invoke the psychological depth of the movie it represents so elegantly is something truly special. I like this way more than the theatrical posters that were released in the U.S, and those weren’t even half bad.

[via The Film Stage]