Check out these cool, unused official poster designs for Gravity


I may not be the biggest Gravity fan on the Flixist staff, but I do respect the film’s cinematography and visual aesthetics. With most of the film’s setting being the utter vastness of empty space, it would make sense that careful decisions about positive and negative space would be considered when making the movie’s poster. While the main final official poster may not exactly reflect as much of the movie’s nuanced and dramatic play with emptiness, the early sketches for the movie’s poster design seem a bit more out-there, so to speak.

Check out some of the official, unused poster designs from the early stages of Gravity‘s production below. The posters were made public recently by Framestore, the visual development company behind much of Gravity‘s graphics and visual effects. More poster concepts and behind the scenes development stuff can be found on their website.

[via FirstShowing]