Check out these new Man of Steel pics


The folks over at Empire magazine have a special treat for subscribers this month (which of course immediately found its way to the internet) in the form of a special edition cover of the rather dashing Henry Cavill as Superman himself. If one were intrepid enough to peer with the pages of said magazine, one would also find a couple of new shots from Zack Snyder’s upcoming opus featuring Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El.

The quality of the scans are a bit ‘meh’, but it’s still neat to get a longer look at two of the more prominent characters. Shannon is looking especially formidable, a much needed good omen to help relieve my trepidation given Snyder’s track record. You better not f**k this up Snyder! DO YOU HEAR ME!?

Catch the screens down in the gallery.

[Empire via Coming Soon]