Check out these snazzy Wreck-It Ralph caricatures


Wreck-It Ralph was one of last year’s pleasant surprises. It was predictable, but completely filled to the brim with charm. What especially won me over though was WIR’s videogame cameos. While the brunt of the story was within fictionalized game worlds, it was the real properties in the background which helped to give the whole thing a genuine quality. 

As part of that genuine appeal, there were even cameos where we couldn’t see them. Bobby Pontillas drew up a couple of famous videogame character (like Chun Li, Frogger, and Ryu) caricature portraits for one scene where Ralph goes to a bar. Even if that scene was no longer than two minutes, to see this amount of insane detail that went into it makes me respect the film much more. You can view some of the portraits in the gallery and the rest at Pontillas’s blog. 

[via Bobby Pontillas]