Check out this fun trailer for CBS’ Supergirl/The Flash crossover


If you’re excited about the prospect of two of your favorite heroes teaming up on-screen without being mad at each other first like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the upcoming Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode is what you’re looking for. 

Premiering March 28th on CBS, as part of the Supergirl episode, “World’s Finest,” The Flash‘s Grant Gustin crosses over from an alternate universe by accident. But by the looks of this trailer, Supergirl and Flash quickly realize they’re both good guys and decide to help each other out. I’m hoping the full episode gives us more of this awesome chemistry. 

Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are both Glee alums, so I’m pretty sure that’s why they’re already so comfortable here! There’s a cute race, cute jokes, and just cuteness all around.