Check out this neat FX test for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man


I love the first two Spider-Man movies from Sam Raimi, so much so that I remain hesitant about the new remake-prequel’s ability to tell almost exactly the same story as the original Spider-Man, but with a less interesting villain. This video shows a very early effects test for the first Spider-Man, from practical effects studio Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. We see that the Green Goblin, played in the movie by Willem Dafoe, was originally going to have a partially animatronic mask that looked closer to the comic book design of the Goblin. It looks a hell of a lot better than the design we wound up getting for the final movie, but I totally understand why it never made it out of tests. An animatronic mask like this, while incredibly functional, probably cost an arm and a leg, way too much to risk damage to delicate internal servos during even a minor stunt.

Ahh, to dream of what might have been!

[Via Superhero Hype]