Check out this wonky-ass monster in Koujin trailer


Koujin trailer 2018

I’ll start by leveling with you here. I don’t speak a word of Japanese. This trailer is totally in Japanese. But what’s on display here goes beyond language. You have a giant monster (crocodile or maybe a salamander) tearing up shit through a Feudal Japanese village, and there’s a one-eyed samurai ready to throw down. That’s all I need. That’s all anyone should need.

The only fault of the trailer is that it doesn’t show a samurai charging the Kaiju. That’s a shame. But you can’t give it all up in the first trailer, can you?

The sparse story info we have for Koujin is that in 1700’s northern Japan a boy is attacked by a monster and flees to a village that then has to defend itself while one person schemes to control the monster and use it.

I love the look of the monster in this. It has this imposing atmosphere, all vicious teeth and sweeping tail, but it also has those dumb googly eyes to make it something you almost want to befriend, if it weren’t trying to eat you alive.

I’d be so down for a trend of samurai vs monster movies. There are so many fun, goofy directions this can go in. Here’s hoping for good action in Koujin, if we do ever get to see it.

I have no idea when this is coming out or if it has any plans to release beyond Japan. But at least it’s fun to look at, and we still have that bomb-ass Batman Ninja (even though he looks more like a samurai to me) thing to look forward to.

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