Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo return for Vacation reboot


Max Roarhig (RIP) called this awhile back when he reported that Ed Helms was cast the lead in the new Vacation rebootquel (which will be written by the Incredible Burt Wonderstone duo, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein) and guessed that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’ Angelo would cameo. 

Thankfully (although it’s terrible that this whole thing is still happening), the producers made sure to double down on their efforts of clinching an appearance by the two (it got easier once the script was written an everything settled). So as of now, the Vacation reboot features Ed Helms as an older Rusty Griswald, with Christina Applegate as his wife, who takes his family on a trip of their own. The film is reportedly much like the first Vacation rather than its sequels (although I’m more partial to Vegas Vacation). 

I may not want this to happen, but at least it’s in capable hands. Daley and Goldstein may have rough patches in their screenplays, but they’re genuinely entertaining regardless. And with Chase and D’ Angelo on board, it’s going to be one of those good reboots that doesn’t try to pretend the original didn’t exist.

[via Variety