Child’s Play television show in development from series creator


Don Mancini, the creator of the original Child’s Play is currently working to develop a TV show based on the franchise. He hopes that by invoking the Child’s Play moniker for the series, he’ll signal that the show is going to be “darker than ever before and very creepy.”

The show is not, however, going to be a reboot of the material and will continue the canon of the seven film series. Maybe this will help, as I’m finding eight solid hours of Chucky hard to keep going.

Though Mancini wrote Child’s Play, he only directed Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and Cult of Chucky. Seed of Chucky is the one where Chucky has a Harry Potter-sounding kid whom Chucky realizes he’s the father of, since they have matching Made in Japan stamps on their wrists. This will remain canon.

For his credit, Mancini has been trying to bring the series in a darker direction with his last two outings. 

I’ve had a strained relationship with Child’s Play. The first scared the hell out of little kid Kyle and made me mistrust the big, plastic Frankenstein’s monster that I was always certain would kill me in my sleep. The garbage truck scene from Child’s Play 3 had my dad cursing at me for being a baby when I refused to go to bed that night. After that, they filled the same space as the Leprechaun films, where I didn’t watch them to get scared as I did in the often vain hopes of seeing breasts. Liar Liar imbued me with a crazy crush on Jennifer Tilly that would drag me through hell and back, and I left Bride of Chucky disappointed on a plethora of levels. 90s slashers were hopelessly reserved in this area.

Oh, to be young again.

The series has no filming schedule or network attached, yet.

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