China has ordered a re-closing of cinemas amid coronavirus concerns


As the battle to curb the spread of coronavirus rages on, China has ordered an immediate re-closing of all of its cinemas to help with the relief. The country’s national film bureau has been in touch with all venues and has given no timeframe for when a re-opening will occur. This news comes after several companies had begun making plans to re-release popular films to help with spurring economic regrowth.

This weekend, nearly 500 theaters across the country had either re-opened or planned for a re-opening after being closed since January. Many were optimistic that more theaters would follow suit, though that obviously isn’t the case now. The spread of the coronavirus has slowed down in China, but a recent spike in imported cases has likely contributed to strong measures to prevent a second outbreak.

Hearing this news isn’t very reassuring to the world’s chances of containing this disease. Still, an extreme measure like this will do more good than urging people to go back outside. Hopefully, things will turn around after this.

China Orders Re-Closing Of All Cinemas Nationwide [Deadline]

Peter Glagowski
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