Choi Min-sik wants to work with, challenge Park Chan-wook


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So we know what actor/hammer-salesman Choi Min-sik is doing next and what he is willing to do next… but what does he want to do next? Well, he wants to try something different, and he wants to try it with his old pal Park Chan-wook. The two of them haven’t worked together since 2005’s Lady Vengeance, where he played the rather unsavory husband of Lady Vengeance herself. It was the last film he was in prior to his exile, and apparently he’s looking to reteam with the Oldboy mastermind. He said:

I want to work with Park Chan-wook again. I want to do a whole new style with him. Really challenge him.

On the whole, Park Chan-wook’s films have all been dark and intense, with the only recent exception being I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay. Choi Min-sik’s projects are also very serious. I think it would be amazing to see the two of them team up for a romantic comedy. Perhaps once Stoker is all over and done with and New World is a thing of the past, we will see that happen.

I sure as hell hope so.