Chris Hemsworth and Tiffany Haddish are buddies. Buddy Cops that is!


Luke Hemsworth is like a less attractive, less successful Chris Hemsworth. Kevin Hart is like a less funny, unfortunately more successful Tiffany Haddish. Thankfully, this article will be talking about the better parts of both of those sentences. Sorry Luke…. again. Hemsworth and Haddish are absolutely killing it at the movies with audiences. After her breakout performance in Girl’s Trip, it seems like Tiffany’s popping up everywhere, which should be fine for anyone who knows how to laugh. Hemsworth has been even more massive in his success, coming off 3 un-matchable performances as Marvel’s favourite doofus. The two coming together probably wouldn’t be many’s first thought for a dream matchup, but they’re doing it, and they’re doing it Lethal Weapon style. 

Deadline reports that H&H have signed onto the buddy cop film Down Under Cover. Don’t be too alarmed because it’s Hollywood Law that any buddy cop film has a “terribly clever” title. Haddish will be playing type being the bad cop, a rough-around-the-edges street cop who only plays by her rules. She’ll be going undercover with the more straight-laced Hemsworth as they try to bring down a group of casino robbers who are also apparently go-go boys. But, and here’s the twist, they’re also Australian. Looks like Hemsworth won’t be the only one snackin on vegemite between takes. *whomp whomp*

Admittedly, this does seem pretty paint by numbers filmmaking. All you gotta do is take a safe genre, add some famous people, and make fun of some accents. That being said, both Haddish and Hemsworth are big enough talents that their star power and hopeful chemistry could pull this movie above forgettable. Hemsworth reinvigorated Thor with his acting, while Haddish pushed Girl’s Trip over the top with her incredibly raunchy, upbeat rants. To be honest, I just want more good buddy cop films a la War on Everyoneand this is looking like the next great chance for it.

Hot Cannes Package: Chris Hemsworth, Tiffany Haddish Team For Buddy Action Comedy ‘Down Under Cover’ [Deadline]