Chris Hemsworth on sharing The Avengers spotlight


I imagine Chris Hemsworth is in another world right now (Asgard, perhaps?). The relative newcomer in the film industry had quite the impact in his film debut, Star Trek, as Captain Kirk’s father. Another C2E2 fan felt strongly about Hemsworth’s 10-minute portrayal, going so far as to say it moved him. Having just recently seen Star Trek just last week, I’d have to agree in that his short screen time meant so much for the film’s direction, especially as it was a reboot of a very popular franchise.

Of course, with The Avengers coming, Hemsworth won’t be the only big wolf on campus, as he’s sharing the spotlight with personal Geoff favorite, Robert Downey, Jr., as well as Marvel-veteran, Chris Evans, and the other handful of big names to be featured. When asked how he felt about going from being the main character in Thor to sharing the spotlight with the others, Hemsworth had this to say:

“It helps, you know? I’ll be surrounded by people who are far more established and made more years of experience. It only helps. You have these very colorful characters on-screen and off-screen, so it’s fantastic.”

I’m facing a few technical difficulties with the videos I shot at C2E2, but I promise they’ll be up soon enough so you can get more insight on the man behind the hammer.