Chris Pratt to lead Cowboy Ninja Viking Adaptation


It’s been a long time coming, but it appears that the Cowboy Ninja Viking adaptation is back on track and what a track it is. The movie has nabbed everyone’s favorite action/comedy star Chris Pratt to play the title role of the assassin with a multiple personality disorder and the skills of a viking, a ninja and a cowboy. While nothing is official, that sounds right up Pratt’s alley. 

The last news we had on the project was that Marc Forester would direct as Universal had chosen him, but he’s moved on so that’s wide open. Collider provides a few more plot details, though. Evidently the split personalities of the protagonist, Duncan, may be represented by multiple actors when each is in use, but everyone else will just see Duncan. Could be an incredibly awesome gimmick if the right director is picked up to handle it. Thanks to Pratt reportedly jumping on I’m sure there will be a lot more interest in the film.

[via Collider] 

Matthew Razak
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