Chris Rock’s vision for the Saw franchise teased in Spiral trailer


Spiral: Saw (2021 Movie) Teaser Trailer – Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson

For the past year we’ve been left to wonder just what a Chris Rock-led Saw spin-off would look like, and today we’ve gotten our first peek. It looks a lot like Seven, to be honest, right down to Rock’s detective facing a mystery box that needs opening.

All told it’s not a bad choice to crib, and so far what’s on offer is intriguing, if pretty rudimentary. We’ve all seen the detective-driven neo-noir with the hardened cop teamed with some fresh-faced new guy who has a wife and kid. We’ve seen a serial killer targeting the police and turning his murders into a macabre game of cat-and-mouse. We’ve certainly seen Samuel L. Jackson say motherfucker before, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be bad. Familiarity isn’t always a harbinger of doom.

We’re yet to really see how this fits into the Saw canon, but Spiral is described as a new chapter in the book of Saw, so it’s safe to assume this isn’t a total reboot of the long-running franchise.

I’m sure we’ll see more distinct trailers that will likely give away the entire movie soon enough as Spiral stalks toward its theatrical release of May 15, 2020.

Kyle Yadlosky
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