Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus


Ridley Scott’s upcoming Bible film, Exodus, is already a hot topic thanks to it being about the Bible, but it’s about to get even more interesting as the aptly named Christian Bale has been officially cast as Moses for the film. Joel Edgerton (not so aptly named) is in final talks to play Ramses as well. 

While no one is ever going to beat out Charleton Heston’s tablet holding, fake-beard performance, Bale is definitely a guy who can jump into epic roles. It’s a bit more unclear why everyone being cast in the film is white as a bleached sheet. Let’s let the debate on Moses’ skin color slide for now (he should probably not be white) and focus more on the fact that Ramses, an Egyptian if there ever was one, is being played by a guy who looks like he might have just realized that human skin can tan. It’s not like white washing a cast is a new thing, but come on!

We’ll be able to see the historically inaccurate pigmentation of their skin some time in late 2014 or 2015 if the shooting starts on schedule in September.

[via Vulture]

Matthew Razak
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