Christian Bale is open to another Batman with Nolan


Christian Bale has left the Bat-door open. If Christopher Nolan has the reins on a fourth Batman film, the actor would hop on board. Bale recently told Empire the following:

My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But…if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work

Naming conventions suggest a fourth Batman movie would be called The Dark Knight Goes Bananas, which would be a somber remake of Herbie Goes Bananas. (Save for the banana scene, the film is inferior in every way to Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, co-starring Don Knotts.)

Both Empire and Superhero Hype note fan speculation concerning the final fate of the Caped Crusader. A number of people don’t think he’ll survive this movie, and some speculation about the plot is pretty interesting though unfounded. Maybe Bale’s comments suggest Batman’s triumph, or perhaps it’s a little subterfuge.

[Empire via Super Hero Hype]

Hubert Vigilla
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