Christian Bale won’t be in the Justice League movie


With rumors that the upcoming (and quite inevitable now that Man of Steel decimated millions of small towns) Justice League movie was going forward with a new version of Batman already, many figured that Christian Bale wasn’t in the picture. Now thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we finally have a hard confirmation straight from his Kristen Stewart mouth: 

We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy…Chris [Nolan] always said he wanted to make it one film at a time. And we ended up sitting there looking at each other, saying ‘We’re about to make the third.’ We never really knew if we were going to get to be there, but if that was how it was going to be, this was where it should end as well.

When asked if he had any information about the JL movie: 

I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it

And when asked about recasting the cowl? Bale didn’t have a problem with the idea: 

It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.

So what do you all think about no-Bale Batman? I’m fine with it as long as the new guy is not wearing hockey pads.

[via Entertainment Weekly]