Christian not Noah, Michael maybe


Christian Bale has been ruled out of contention for the title role in Darren Aronofsky’s take on the Biblical tale of Noah. The actor was understood to be one of the favourites, even if nothing was ever officially signed, but his commitment to two… yes, two… Terrence Malick projects meant he was not able to find room in his busy schedule to be rained on by the Lord. Expect a damn good smiting to come his way from on high in the near future.

Michael Fassbender has already enjoyed a blessed year, having partaken in a number of financially and critically successful projects of both blockbuster and arthouse stature, and has reportedly now emerged as the favourite to pick up the part of everyone’s favourite boat-building, dove-tossing, perpetually sodden Biblical bro. He’ll need to put in some work if he’s going to match Bale’s talents for growing epic beards, though.

[via Cinemablend and Variety]