Christina Hendricks gives us Seconds of Pleasure


Mad Men is on hiatus, and that’s a crime, mostly because I’m missing out on my weekly opportunity to ogle Christina Hendricks. Thankfully, someone’s taking care of that for me! Ms. Hendricks has signed to star in a Neil Labute-scripted film called Seconds of Pleasure, to be directed by Mike Figgis of Leaving Las Vegas and Timecode fame. The plot revolves around a number of people on an airplane and the various ways their lives intersect.

You’re not even reading this right now, are you? I don’t blame you. I mostly wrote this up as an excuse to post a picture of Christina Hendricks. As such, there’s a bunch of cleavage-y photos of the lovely Ms. Hendricks in the gallery. Don’t pretend that’s not the only thing that matters here. The gallery is mildly NSFW and utterly awesome.

I should win a Pulitzer for this article.

[Update: An anonymous tipster sent me something exceptionally relevant to this hard-hitting piece of journalism. Check it below the cut. It’s NSFW.]

[Via Deadline]