Christina Hendricks most likely will get blood on her in The Strangers 2


The Strangers was a surprise smash horror film that came out nine years ago. We weren’t even writing reviews then. If we were I would have said something about it being a solid little thriller, buoyed by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. As with all horror films that do well, a sequel was planned. Then Relatively did nothing, and nothing happened until now.

Christina Hendricks has been cast in the upcoming sequel along with Lewis Pullman and Bailee Madison. The screenplay, which was written eight and a half years ago by the original’s writer/director, has been updated a bit and is now going into production. The plot will follow a family who goes to their uncle’s mobile home only to find him dead. And then the strangers show up. 

There’s no release date yet, but something to keep our eye on. 

The Strangers Official Trailer

Matthew Razak
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