Christoph Waltz joining ‘Reykjavic’ as Mikhail Gorbachev


When I was first introduced to Chrispoph Walt’s work through Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, I knew I would be keeping a close eye on the man and his career. He completely blew me away, and with the exception of Green Hornet, I know he will continue to do so (Django Unchained incoming, son!).

Well it looks like he’s taking a step into historical territory, having accepted the role of Mikhail Gorbachev in director Mike Newell’s Reykjavic, the retelling of the 1986 summit meeting between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev that was monumental in the disarmament of certain types of nuclear weapons and pivotal in bringing the Cold War to an end. Waltz will star opposite Michael Douglas, who will be playing the actor president Ronald Reagan, and I’m hoping Newell will be able to harness their talents not unlike his direction of Al Pacino and Johnny Depp for Donnie Brasco. If he manages to bring out the best from each of these talented actors, I’m sure we’ll get to witness an on screen dichotomy that’ll be something to talk about.

Reykjavic is scheduled to start filming in March, 2013.

[Deadline via JoBlo]