Christoph Waltz reportedly shooting scenes for Bond 25 as Blofeld


When Spectre first went into production the worst kept secret in all of film was that Christoph Waltz would be playing Blofeld. I mean, everyone knew it, but the Bond folks walked around like it wasn’t super obvious. For Bond 25 it looks like they’ll be playing much the same game as the Daily Mail gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye tweeted out the actor had been seen at Pinewood studios, where the Bond films are filmed. Anything a gossip columnist from the Daily Mail should be taken with an entire shaker of salt, but this one is hard to not believe.

This shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise to anyone paying attention. The first hint that Blofeld would be returning was the working scripts title of Shatterhand, which is what Blofeld goes by in the book You Only Live Twice. Then Waltz protested a bit too much about not being in the new film in a few interviews. Plus, you’ve got the ending to Spectre, which set up his return by not killing him, a dead giveaway in a Bond film that a bad guy is coming back. 

It does raise the question who Rami Malek will be playing, though. If they’re actually following the plot of the novel, he may be some sort of misdirection for Bond or maybe Blofeld after his extensive plastic surgery. The latter would be a bit of a stretch but I’d buy it. It could also just be for some flashbacks. Only the Bond filmmakers know right now.

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Matthew Razak
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