Christoph Waltz to make directorial debut


The man it is impossible to dislike, Christoph Waltz, is set to make his directorial debut with a true crime drama based on the New York Times Magazine article, The Worst Marriage in Georgetown, written by Franklin Foer.

Waltz will also star as the eccentric Albrecht Muth, a man who’s entire life is put on trial when his socialite wife is found murdered. As is always the case with these “true crime” movies, the Googling of key names will tell you all you need to know about the story, so that’s my official heads up to anyone who wants to see it blind whenever it comes out. 

We see actors and actresses step behind the camera all the time – with varying results – but I have a lot of faith in Waltz. He’s worked closely with some of the best in the industry for years, and strikes me as the type of guy who actually learns a lot from those experiences. 

As of this time we don’t know who else will star, but as production is set to begin in October, 2015, it’s safe to assume we’ll hear more about this project in the months to come.

[via Deadline]