Christopher McQuarrie confirms he’s directing M:I 6


One of the bigger surprises in my movie going life is the resurgence of the Mission: Impossible franchise. I could have sworn to you that this thing was dead in the water after the fourth film, but it blazed back into action with M:I – Ghost Protocol and then continued rolling when Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation released.

Now we have confirmation, thanks to the Tweet above, that the man who made Rogue Nation work so well (aside from Tom Cruise) is returning. Director Christopher McQuarrie will be the first director to take on a mission twice, and that’s fantastic. His commitment to real stunts and ability to turn an action sequence into something breathtaking were paramount to Rogue Nation working. He’s also not afraid to make an action movie just an action movie, which is what really made the film work. 

Cruise, who produces the films, usually wants a different director for each one, which has led to a wide variety of styles and quality in the films, but he’s worked with McQuarrie a lot and seems to really like him. Plus, with the two of them working on this film together they’ll have more time on set to sit down and get us that Edge of Tomorrow sequel. 

Matthew Razak
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