Christopher Nolan offered the next Bond film


A while back Christopher Nolan discussed that he was interested in doing a Bond film, which basically got everyone excited even though we all agreed it was probably a long shot. However, with Sam Mendes stepping down after brilliantly directing Skyfall it appears Bond’s producers are working to make dreams come true as they have reportedly approached Nolan to direct the next Bond.

I’m about as excited as one can be right now, with my fingers barely able to type these words. However, I should probably temper my joy as it’s possible that it won’t work out. He’s already got Interstellar in the works and if Bond wants to keep to its pace he’d basically have to double up work and jump right into it after that film. That’s a very daunting task. Even more daunting is the rumored plans to make Bond 24 and 25 connected so that Nolan would probably have to stay on for two. Clearly there are a lot of obstacles in the way for him to helm the next Bond film, but I think it would be beyond worth it. 

[via Daily Mail]

Matthew Razak
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