Christopher Nolan wants better film preservation


Christopher Nolan is perhaps the number one most vocal supported for the continued use of film – both as a medium on which to shoot and display movies. He’s shot all of his movies on film and he continues to advocate for IMAX as a higher quality standard instead of 4k or 8k digital. He’s one of the few people keeping film alive as a viable and modern mainstream format, keeping it from being just an arthouse novelty.

On Sunday, Nolan spoke at a panel by the Getty Research Institute, turning his attention to film archival. That’s a subject dear to my heart, I’m honestly shocked at the terrible job that the film industry does of archival as a whole, as is Nolan himself, pointing out that digital has no stable archival format, and whilst film archival techniques are tried and tested, they aren’t being applied as standard.

If you’re new to the film/digital debate, then I reccomend you go watch Side By Side, it’s an interesting, if surface level, introduction to the importance of the sea change in cinema that’s occurring under our feet.

[via THR]