Chronicle continues to have awesome posters


I normally don’t give a crap about found-footage movies (see my review of Apollo 18 for continued evidence of this). As such, when I first heard about Chronicle being a found-footage superhero movie, I stopped caring almost immediately. Then the trailer hit and completely changed my mind. The basic story isn’t terribly original, as “group gets superpowers and one of them lets the power go to their heads and gets all evil-ified,” is about as original a plotline as The Hero’s Journey, damned if the presentation wasn’t looking very cool.

We’ve got two new posters for Chronicle, both showing off the film’s sense of humor. I particularly like the first one, with the flying kids looking like specks in the cloudy sky, though the notion of making the clouds themselves flip off someone seems pretty awesome in seeing the second poster. Check them both out in the gallery!

[Via First Showing, Collider]