Chronicle director in talks to direct Venom movie


Chronicle was a pretty amazing movie, owing no small debt of gratitude to the vision of first-time director Josh Trank. After the film’s success, Trank has license to do a whole lot in Hollywood right now, and it looks like his sights are set…bizarrely. He is reportedly in talks to direct a movie centered around Spider-Man villain Venom. Comics fans will recognize Venom as a man in partial control over fantastic powers granted to him by an insidious, cannibalistic alien symbiote. Through the years, Venom’s swayed back and forth from diabolical villain to anti-hero to government-controlled asset, depending on who’s writing him and who’s using the symbiote. Basically, he’s got powers similar to Spider-Man, and he occasionally likes to eat dudes. Sony has had a Venom movie on the back burner since Topher Grace played the character in Spider-Man 3, though it’s anyone’s guess how this new film would mesh in with either the Sam Raimi movie continuity, the new continuity to be established this summer, or if it’ll just be entirely its own thing.

I’m a little skeptical about this. Trank flat out confirmed that he wasn’t a part of the Fantastic Four reboot, and that he was vastly more interested in pursuing his own original ideas than work in an established IP. I don’t see why he’d be interested in this over the Fantastic Four, unless he’s just a big Venom fan. Dude’s obviously all about the comic books, after all. Nothing’s been confirmed yet, so we’ll have to see how this all shakes out. I think I’d rather Trank work on a completely unnecessary Chronicle sequel than a doubly-unnecessary Venom movie.

[Via LA Times]