Chronicle director Josh Trank rebooting Fantastic Four


It’s been in the works for awhile now, but Chronicle director Josh Trank has been slated to reboot The Fantastic Four. While there is the possibility that Trank may direct, that’s still up in the air. Rebooting, however, is definitely happening, despite Trank having previously denied involvement.

I’ve never found any incarnation of The Fantastic Four to be all that riveting, including the most recent films. I guess that’s why Fox is pushing for a reboot at all, though personally I’m getting sick of the idea that less than ten years after a movie comes out that it needs to come out again. I mean, now we’re getting reboots of Spider-Man, Superman, and The Fantastic Four. Isn’t that too many? Can’t we try some new heroes? As it is, I’m not sure how you could spice up the franchise. The Fantastic Four have never really been very controversial.

Are you excited about this? I’ll believe in its potential once I start seeing trailers.

[Via SlashFilm]