Chu drops Masters of the Universe, rewrites ensuing


The only news we ever really had about Columbia Pictures reboot of The Masters of the Universe was that Jon M. Chu, of G.I. Joe fame, was directing. Now that news is gone as he’s left the project. Not too surprising since he’s got another G.I. Joe to make and Sony wants to get this hopeful new franchise off the ground sooner than later.

As such they’re also looking to rework the original screenplay and have brought in Pirates of the Caribbean co-scribe Terry Rossio. Considering his previous work this hints at a pretty different direction for the movie since the last writers leaned more towards violent action and he’s a bit more lighthearted. Rossio will be setting the film on Eternia, just like the cartoon was, and not like the Dolph Lundgren movie, which came to earth.

[via THR]