CIFF Review: The Kid Who Lies


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We all react to tragedy in different ways. I think it’s safe to say that a large number of us would do what we can to find the truth behind the devastation, no matter the cost. Little kids, especially, find creative ways to hide the pain they experience following such tragedies. In this amazing mashup of both a coming-of-age and road film, The Kid Who Lies expertly showcases the story of a young boy simply searching for the truth behind his young life.

The Kid Who Lies (El Chico Que Miente)
Director: Marite Ugas
Rating: TBD
Country: Venezuela

The Kid Who Lies is about an unnamed boy (Iker Fernandez) traveling across Venezuela in search of the mother he never knew amidst the ruins of a large mudslide 10 years prior. As he traverses the country, he meets various people along the way, but unable to tell them about his past, he makes extravagant lies to hide the truth he doesn’t know.

I’m a HUGE sucker for coming-of-age films. The idea of self-discovery being captured on film is so interesting to me. “The Kid,” as is common in road films, meets different people on his voyage to find his mother. With each character or group he meets, he tells them a lie to protect himself, such as gaining food and shelter out of sympathy over being an orphan, for example. Little by little, you find out more about the boy and the non-linear format definitely helps with the overall tone.

Fernandez, despite his young age, is a very talented actor. Given the nature of road films, the setting also plays a huge role in the film. With the expertise of cinematographer Micaela Cajahuaringa, Venezuela’s various locales, whether they’re the remnants of The Kid’s old apartment building or the luscious coastal towns he visits, are shot in a way that helps accentuate the beauty of the scene.

The Kid Who Lies is a simple film that follows a simple plot, yet exceeds any pre-conceived expectations you might have coming into it. The combination of Fernandez’ acting, Cajahuaringa’s cinematography, and writer/director Marite Ugas’ vision help make The Kid Who Lies an engrossingly entertaining film.