Citizen Kane blu-ray looks impressive

I’m such a sucker for good transfers on blu-rays, especially of classic movies. I’m also really interested in film preservation. So naturally, the fact that the Citizen Kane blu-ray will be struck off the original nitrate print gets me excited in places I never knew I had. Warner Bros. themselves will be handling the transfer, going from the original nitrate to 4K. In laymen’s terms, the movie will probably look better than it did in 1941. 
Along with the beautiful restoration, will be a bunch of goodies. A 48 page book will be included with the set, and 20 of those pages will be dedicated to reproducing the original program from the film’s premiere. Also included are reproduced facsimiles and memos of correspondence written during the production of the movie, and all the other bonus features from the DVD set released a few years back.
What do you guys think? I for one will be picking up the blu-ray just to see the print’s restoration.
[via Collider]