City of Lies wants to revisit Biggie and Tupac’s deaths


It’s been more than two decades since Biggie and Pac’s deaths, and in that time there have been countless conspiracies and zero results. The lack of evidence and talkative witnesses have left the rappers’ deaths as one of the most frustratedly unsolved mysteries since D.B. Cooper. The infamous East versus West Coast battle was raging, and within a matter of six months, both artists were victims of drive-by shootings. The talent and celebrity status that was taken those two nights (mix in an ongoing investigation that’s gone from cold to frozen) has a way of tickling Hollywood’s fancy. Enter City of Lies.

The story pairs journalist Jack Jackson (Forest Whitaker) with Russell Poole, an LAPD detective who investigated the murders all those years ago, and all these years since. The trailer leans heavily into police cover-up conspiracy, which, for the sake of a movie, is one way to attract viewers. There are moments where the preview feels more intent to focus in on the current police brutality problems in today’s society rather than on who shot Biggie. As if on cue, the trailer slaps the “Based on a True Story” sticker which should immediately signal this is more than trying to find out who killed whom.

City of Lies is set for release on September 7th. 

Nick Hershey