Civil War heist film, need I say more?


I don’t know if there’s a more diverse filmmaker out there than Cary Fukunaga. The guy’s first two movies, the sensational Sin Nombre, and the so-so Jane Eyre are about as similar as cheddar and pepper jack. It seems as if he’ll continue this trend of diversity with his next movie, No Blood, No Guts, No Glory, a heist film set during the American civil war. Wait, what?

Fukunaga will be co-writing the script with Chase Palmer, the original writer of the movie. As it turns out, Palmer’s script for this movie was on the Black List back in 2009. The Black List, is a round of up the best scripts in Hollywood that don’t get produced that year. It’s a treasure trove of great original ideas that no one wants to take a chance on in this industry. Hit the jump for the synopsis.

Synopsis: The story follows a spy and 20 Union soldiers in disguise who board a train in Georgia in order to pull off a heist that could bring a quick end to the Civil War. Project is a fictionalized account of America’s first special forces operation, though it’s based on the real-life Civil War commando mission that inspired Buster Keaton’s “The General.”

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