Clark Kent sure looks like a villain in new Batman v Superman clip


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the second at-bat for DC’s Extended Universe is out in just a few months – it’s arguably the next big tentpole nerd flick after Star Wars – so it makes sense that the hype train is starting to get rolling. As such, we’ve got a new clip that sees Henry Cavill’s Superman face off with Ben Affleck’s Batman, though the odds certainly appear to be in Superman’s favor. Take a look:

Batman v Superman - Exclusive Sneak [HD]

Let’s be real: Superman looks pretty villainous here, with a real menacing scowl as he approaches a chained-up Batman and even a bunch of henchman-looking dudes. If this were a classic James Bond flick, I’d expect Clark to start monologuing his evil plans to Bruce and crowing about how there’s no way to stop him. 

Man, I just don’t know. I’ve got a longstanding, deep love of Superman, and everything DC seems intent on doing with the character, film-wise, starting with Man of Steel just continuously bums me out. DC’s movies in general seem to be taking an uber-serious “gritty” tone, which isn’t a great fit for Superman, generally. It’s clear that the version of Superman that speaks to me (and lots of others) isn’t the one that Warner Bros. wants to put in front of the moviegoing public, which is a real bummer, but what’re you gonna do, right?

Anyway, if for some reason Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks like your jam, there’s a new trailer about to drop on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday. The movie itself hits theaters March 25, and also stars Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams and Jeremy Irons.