Cleopatra getting 50th anniversary re-releases


Cleopatra, the epic film known as much for its off screen issues as it was for its grandeur, is turning 50 this year and 20th Century Fox isn’t about to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate it. They’ve remastered the original theatrical release and will be debuting the film at Cannes this year with as much hoopla as one would expect a film that would cost $300 million dollars to make today would have. 

After its debut the movie will get a limited run in 200 theaters across the U.S. Since it was filmed in 70mm this isn’t just a fun time at the theater, but one of the rare chances you will get to see the movie in all its glory. 70mm film truly does look magnificent on the big screen, and I suppose Elizabeth Taylor wouldn’t look too bad either. Then, once all that hoopla is done (some of these screenings are going to have jewelry maker Bulgari at them) we’ll finally be able to own the classic on Blu-ray as it releases on May 28th. 

Most of the fun of Cleopatra actually comes for knowing Taylor and Richard Burton were banging like rabbits and showering each other with gifts the whole time. The film itself is a bit bloated (duh), but still one hell of a spectacle. 

Matthew Razak
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