Clip of LCD Soundsystem shutting up and playing a hit


Not too long ago we mentioned that the LCD Soundsystem concert film/last show documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits would be playing in theaters for one night only on July 18th. Some screenings have sold out already, necessitating additional shows due to popular demand. The Landmark Sunshine here in New York is even adding shows on July 19th, using special time magicks to allow a one-night-only engagement to last for days.

The above clip shows the band playing “Dance Yrself Clean,” the lead track on their final album This is Happening. The first time I heard this song, I was writing at a coffee shop in Williamsburg, and sort of bobbing in my seat to it like a little goofball. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that is, not Colonial Williamsbug in Virginia, though I would like to hear a fife and drum cover of any LCD Soundsystem song.

Scanning the theater list for Shut Up and Play the Hits, it looks like enough fans were able to demand the film for the state of Delaware, so way to go, Delaware. Still no such luck for the good people of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

[Via The Playlist]

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