Clown: from fake trailer to real movie



Usually, attaching someone else’s name to your work without there permission is a terrible idea. But that didn’t stop the guys from waverflams from tossing Eli Roth’s name onto their fake trailer for a terrifying movie called Clown. Good thing too, because now Roth is making their movie happen.

Eli Roth, director of some of cinema’s goriest mainstream films (Cabin Fever, Hostel), was so impressed with the trailer, he hopped on the horn with Clown creators Jon Watts and Christopher Ford. “I was blown away when I saw that Clown trailer. Everyone thought it was real, or that I had at least made a fake trailer. I called the guys right away and their first response was ‘Thank you for not suing us!’ I said ‘Sue you? Let’s make this into a real film!’ They are incredibly talented, smart guys ready to make their feature debut.”

Roth, Cross Creek Pictures president Brian Oliver and Vertebra Films head Steven Prince are going to fund a feature length Clown with Jon Watts directing and a script penned by Christopher Ford. If it’s this easy to get a movie made these days, I better make that trailer for Cabin Beaver I’ve been talking about since Junior year of high school.

Check the incredible trailer that started it all after the jump.

[Via Filmdrunk]