Coatwolf hits $100K in their crowdfunding campaign


A little more than a month ago, we brought you news of the hippest new crowdfunding campaign in town. The team behind Bellflower, Coatwolf Productions, decided to make a throwback to videogames and action films from the 1980s, called Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins, and they turned to IndieGoGo to make that happen. After writing the post up, I immediately forgot about the awesome-looking project and went about my life until yesterday, when I realized that I totally had never actually pledged that amount I said I would pledge.

Fortunately for me, there are still nine days left in the campaign; fortunately for everyone else, the team has completely smashed through their initial funding goal of $60,000. As of this morning, the team broke the $100,000 mark, with their current total sitting nicely at $105,886. Bellflower‘s budget was a mere $17,000, and the team still pulled off some truly amazing stuff. With this much money (and more) at their disposal, I have no doubt that they will make one of the most amazing action films of the past few years.

And I’m not just saying that. When the team hit their initial funding goal, they posted an amazing thank you video showing exactly what kind of brutal violence they are capable of. Fists, hammers, knives, and even a sledgehammer are used to fantastic effect, and I’m hoping that something similarly awesome comes out now that they’ve hit this new milestone. If you want to help them put even more money into their film, head over to their website/IndieGoGo page. If you want to see that most amazing of Thank You videos, it can be found below. Be warned, though, it is incredibly not safe for work in the best possible way.

Unless you wanted nudity or something, because it doesn’t have that.