Colin Farrell is creep-tastic in this Fright Night clip


We showed you the trailer a few weeks ago, and now we’ve got a bit more of the upcoming Fright Night remake. As part of the “Sneak Peak Week” leading up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, MTV released a clip of Craig Gillespie’s take on the story. The film is about a high schooler who must deal with a vampire that just moved next door. In this clip, Jerry (Colin Farrell) talks to Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) about how he can’t wait to sink his teeth into Charlie’s sexy mom and girlfriend.

What’s amusing is that if you remove the context of Jerry being a vampire from the scene, it just becomes this horribly creepy monologue about how some guy is going to rape the women in Charlie’s life. But then again, I suppose that’s one of the usual subtexts for stuff vampires do.

Are you up for that, guy?

[MTV via Collider]