Colin Farrell may be in Total Recall remake. Wait, what?


It’s going to be really, really hard to remake Total Recall, let alone replace Arnold Schwarzenegger. Total Recall is a great Paul Verhoeven movie, and a top ten sci-fi movie for me personally. So you can imagine my frustration at the fact that it’s being remade by Len “PG-13 Die Hard” Wiseman and written by Kurt Wimmer, who made Equilibrium, the movie that proved Christian Bale should be Batman. The deck’s stacked against this one from the start.

However, with news that Colin Farrell is on the short list to replace Ahhnuld, I’m suddenly getting a little OK with this. Colin Farrell is probably one of the most talented actors of his generation, and he’s had some real bad career luck in the earlier 2000s. If you haven’t seen In Bruges, you damn well should.

I’m skeptical on this one, but Colin Farrell’s enough to keep me interested.

And as Trudy would say, “I ain’t playin’.”

Exclusive: Columbia Eyeing Colin Farrell for ‘Total Recall’ Remake [The Wrap]