Colin Trevorrow directed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom epilogue debuts this weekend


From seemingly nowhere, we’re getting some more Jurassic Park in our lives. As Collider reports, director Colin Trevorrow (the man behind Jurassic World) has secretly been working on a short epilogue film to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Debuting this Sunday, September 15, the movie takes place a year after the events of the previous film and follows family visiting the “Big Rock” national park.

In an interview with the publication, Trevorrow reveals that he and his team shot the film in Ireland this past winter. Even he’s surprised that word of it didn’t get out, saying, “I honestly never thought we’d make it this far without getting found out. The Irish can keep a secret.” Written alongside Emily Carmichael (penner of Jurassic World 3), the short takes a look at what happens when dinosaurs come face to face with humans in an unfamiliar habitat.

The eight-minute short will be airing on FX this Sunday after the cable premiere of Jurassic World. It will be available online shortly after.

Exclusive: Colin Trevorrow on How He Secretly Made the ‘Jurassic World‘ Short Film ‘Battle at Big Rock [Collider]

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