College Humor’s Why Bernie Sanders Is Actually Winning accurately recreates delegate discussion with people who #FeelTheBern


If this year’s Democratic primary has reaffirmed one truth, it’s that smart people will believe dumb things as long as these things confirm their biases. Full disclosure: I say this as someone who voted for Bernie Sanders in the New York primary but who always believed his chances at getting the nomination were slim at best. (Full disclosure: all of my full disclosures are intended to make my judgement sound unimpeachable.)

On the eve of today’s Democratic primary contests, College Humor released the short Why Bernie Sanders Is Actually Winning, an accurate recreation of delegate math discussions with Bernie Sanders diehards.

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

Seriously, guys, the math isn’t on his side and it hasn’t been for a while.

Calm down, don’t look at me that way.

I mean, come on, even though Robert Reich remains a true believer, he sees the writing on the wall. What was that? Dude, I don’t care what Seth Abramson tweeted or what you read on US Uncut, and Jeff Weaver’s “let’s flip super delegates” strategy totally undermines the Bernie “will of the people” ethos.

No, I don’t think he should drop out early, and no, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is all that great either (she consistently gives me reasons to eye-roll and facepalm), but she’s still a better option than electing Donald Trump (aka Silvio Berlusconi with a ragtop and an orange paint job).

When will this f**king primary season end?

Go on, call me a neoliberal cryptofascist or a paid shillary in the comments below.

[via College Humor on YouTube]
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