Comcast drops bid for 21st Century Fox, Disney controls world


Massive shifts in power in any industry should probably take some time, and such has been the case for 21st Century Fox’s attempt to sell off its entire entertainment arm. Initially, Disney came in with a bid that would bring most of Marvel under one roof and make the mouse the most powerful entertainment studio in the world.

But then! Drama! Comcast came screeching in on that motorcycle Steve McQueen rides in The Great Escape, flipped up its shades and said, “Not so fast, Donald Suck!” They offered a competing bid and things stopped being polite and started getting real.

But Disney came back in screeching even louder on a harrier jet, parachuted out of the sky, landed with a backflip and did that Ice Man teeth biting thing from Top Gun before smacking a higher bid down on the table and shouting, “HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES!” Turns out Comcast did not like dem apples and has now announced they are dropping their bid for 21st Century Fox leaving Disney to stand over them victoriously like Ali over Liston.

Corporate buyouts are way more fun in my head than in real life.

With Comcast’s exit, there is nothing standing in the way of Disney scooping up almost every entertainment asset that Fox own and ruling nearly everything ever. Unless the U.S. government comes in, which isn’t likely since the already gave pre-approval to the deal when it was initially announced, there’s no reason for it not to go through. It will probably take a few years, but by sometime in the 20s you’ll have your X-Men and your Avengers in the same movie. Rejoice?

Comcast drops bid for 21st Century Fox, leaving entertainment powerhouse in the hands of Disney [The Washington Post]

Matthew Razak
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